By Keto Heads for Keto Heads and the Keto Curious.

With foods like sizzling bacon, fresh avocados, and juicy steaks on the menu, keto may just be the most succulent diet. 

But let’s be real.  From time to time, even the most diehard Keto Head misses their favorite sugary, carby treat.  At Heka, we make incredibly delicious snacks with legit keto macros and clean ingredients, making your keto lifestyle more enjoyable and sustainable. 

Eating better just got easier.



Meet Yemeni Mesa

Yemeni has a passion for everything food, fitness and health. At the core, he believes most people would be healthier if they ate less grains and simple sugars.

Knowing this is easier said than done, Yemeni created Heka Good Foods; a company focused on making legit keto snacks, with clean ingredients, that taste ridiculously good.

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Net Carbs and the Keto Diet

Net Carbs and the Keto Diet

When you follow the keto diet, tracking your net carbs is an everyday occurrence. It’s essential that you not only track your net carbs, but also u...

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