About Us

Heka Good Mission

We believe most people would benefit from eating less grains and sugar and more protein, fiber and healthy fats. But we also know this is easier said than done!

At Heka, we’re on a mission to make your low carb lifestyle easy, by bringing you delicious, low carb snacks, made with clean ingredients that won’t upset your stomach or spike your blood sugar!

Heka Good Vision

The multi-billion-dollar junk food categories that contribute the most processed carbs to our food supply include candy bars, cookies, chocolate, salty snacks, baked goods, ice cream, pizza and cereal. We intend to make low carb snacks and foods so incredibly delicious and good for you, that you’ll prefer them over your favorite junk foods.

Heka Good Brand Values

Metabolic Integrity – you can feel confident in enjoying our snacks without experiencing a blood sugar spike, or a drop in your ketone levels. That’s because all of our products are formulated to promote metabolic integrity.

Clean Ingredients – we use a short list of real food ingredients and avoid using any sweeteners, fibers or cheap proteins that could cause bloating or GI distress.

Incredible Taste – we appreciate the tremendous pleasure and comfort that delicious foods can bring, which is why we make taste one of our primary brand values. We are obsessed with making our healthy snacks taste better than your favorite junk food.