Can I Eat Pickles on a Keto Diet?

Are Pickles Keto-Friendly

It’s interesting to know that basically everything can be pickled. Green beans. Yellow squash. Cherries. Strawberries. The list goes on. But let’s talk about a particular (perhaps, the most popular) pickle—cucumbers. Keto-ers have debated whether pickles are ketogenic-friendly or not. On one side, they believe pickles have hidden sugar and other content that can bounce … Read more

Can Grapefruit Be Eaten on Keto Diet?

is grapefruit keto-friendly

Sharp and tangy with a hint of sweetness, grapefruit is perfect for the body. Despite the tart taste that can be off-putting, this citrus fruit is packed with nutrients and can help you lose weight. But it’s worth noting that diet programs differ from one another. The Keto diet, for example, requires a person to … Read more

A Closer Look at Sorbitol

sorbitol keto

We’ll start with answering the obvious question: What is sorbitol? Also known as “sugar alcohol,” sorbitol is a type of sweetener often used as a sugar substitute. But don’t let its nickname fool you — sorbitol doesn’t contain ethanol like alcoholic beverages do. Sorbitol is found in fruits like apples and peaches, as well as … Read more

How Much Sugar is in Dairy ?

how much sugar is in milk

As a child, how many times were you told to drink your milk ? Most Americans were raised to believe that dairy is good for you and that we needed multiple servings in a day. Many adults hang onto this teaching, reaching for yogurt when they need a healthy snack. Those who are concerned about … Read more

7 Best New Low-Sugar Yogurts

best low sugar yogurt

More people today are working hard at cutting back on their sugar intake, but yogurt is still a big conundrum. In the past, yogurt was often eaten as a quick breakfast or snack, or even a lunch on-the-go. Unfortunately, we discovered how much hidden sugar was in it. In fact, some flavored yogurts have more … Read more

Can You Have Honey On A Low Carb Diet ?

honey on low carb diet

People who choose to go on a low carb diet (keto diet) know that they need to cut down and avoid sugar. First, ask yourself what is your total daily carb number. Can you have any carbs at all? If so choose your carbs wisely. People on a Low Carb diet are attempting to reach … Read more

Is Dark Chocolate Keto?


Dark chocolate: a sweet, delicious treat rich in antioxidants and nutrients… but is it keto? The short answer: yes, it can be! When looking for keto-friendly dark chocolate, it’s important to take a look at a few different factors. If you want to know more, keep reading! Not all dark chocolate is created equal. Depending … Read more

Soluble Tapioca Fiber : Is It Keto?

Soluble Tapioca Fiber Is It Keto-min

Who doesn’t want to have their (keto) cake and eat it too? It’s safe to say that most people following the ketogenic diet have that one carb-heavy weakness that could easily knock them out of ketosis if they were to indulge. So what do you do? You find the keto equivalent of those sweet-tooth snacks. … Read more