Can I Eat Pickles on a Keto Diet?

Are Pickles Keto-Friendly

It’s interesting to know that basically everything can be pickled. Green beans. Yellow squash. Cherries. Strawberries. The list goes on. But let’s talk about a particular (perhaps, the most popular) pickle—cucumbers. Keto-ers have debated whether pickles are ketogenic-friendly or not. On one side, they believe pickles have hidden sugar and other content that can bounce … Read more

Can I Eat Grapes on a Keto Diet?

Are Grapes Keto Friendly

Over the years, the keto diet has been proven to be very effective for losing weight. Whether you have been following a keto diet for quite some time or not, it is highly recommended to be aware of the practical ways to maximize the effects of the keto diet on your body and the impractical … Read more

Can I Eat Oranges on a Keto Diet?

Are Oranges Keto-Friendly?

Oranges are not just your common citrus fruit. They pack a punch of nutrients and is overflowing with vitamin C. Their juicy and sweet flavors add a tang to several recipes. Eat it raw, juice it, add it to salad, or make an orange marmalade… there sure are plenty of ways to enjoy this nutrient-rich … Read more

Can You Eat Garlic On A Keto Diet?

is garlic keto friendly

Almost every delicious dish has garlic. Not only is garlic good at adding umami flavors to meals, but it is also very beneficial for the body. But should consuming garlic be a concern in the keto diet? The answer is not that simple. To understand, let’s first examine the nutritional profile of garlic. Nutritional Content … Read more

Keto Diarrhea : What to Do If You’ve Got It

Keto Diarrhea

Is the low-carb lifestyle keeping you far closer to your bathroom than you’d like?  Well, keto diet diarrhea is a common side effect as your body transitions to its new low carb intake.  There could be many causes of diarrhea on keto, so it’s important to know the reasons why you are experiencing it and … Read more

Can You Have Salt on Keto ?

Can You Have Salt on Keto

We all know that consuming too much salt can be hazardous to our health. However, that doesn’t mean you should eschew sodium altogether—especially on the ketogenic diet. In fact, a certain amount of sodium is necessary to ensure the body functions properly, and individuals practicing keto may need even more of this essential substance. Read … Read more