Can Grapefruit Be Eaten on Keto Diet?

is grapefruit keto-friendly

Sharp and tangy with a hint of sweetness, grapefruit is perfect for the body. Despite the tart taste that can be off-putting, this citrus fruit is packed with nutrients and can help you lose weight. But it’s worth noting that diet programs differ from one another. The Keto diet, for example, requires a person to … Read more

How Much Sugar is in Dairy ?

how much sugar is in milk

As a child, how many times were you told to drink your milk ? Most Americans were raised to believe that dairy is good for you and that we needed multiple servings in a day. Many adults hang onto this teaching, reaching for yogurt when they need a healthy snack. Those who are concerned about … Read more

7 Best New Low-Sugar Yogurts

best low sugar yogurt

More people today are working hard at cutting back on their sugar intake, but yogurt is still a big conundrum. In the past, yogurt was often eaten as a quick breakfast or snack, or even a lunch on-the-go. Unfortunately, we discovered how much hidden sugar was in it. In fact, some flavored yogurts have more … Read more