How to Read Nutrition Labels for Sugar

How to Read Nutrition Labels for Sugar

Thinking of switching to a low-sugar lifestyle? To successfully reduce your intake, you need to be aware of how much sugar you’re consuming each day. Knowing how to read nutrition labels and spot important sugar nutrition facts will keep you on track. Continue reading to learn how to read sugar content on food labels, and find out how … Read more

How Eating Too Much Sugar Affects Your Body ?

How Much Sugar is Too Much?

Sugar is an important part of your daily life; your body needs glucose for various reasons and functions. However, the daily diet of modern Americans contains far too much of it. Eating too much sugar has various health implications, and most people don’t know they’ve been overdoing it. Listed below is a complete guide stating … Read more

Sugar and Your Period : The Surprising Connection

Why Do I Crave Sugar On My Period

Let’s face it: dealing with your period is NOT your favorite part of each month. While PMS symptoms differ in severity for all of us, they frequently range from mildly unpleasant to downright debilitating. Can sugar affect menstruation? And how can you keep your life on track while dealing with your period? It turns out … Read more

Natural Sugar vs Added Sugar – What’s the Difference?

foods with natural sugar

Chances are, you’ve heard that sugar is bad for you. But then there’s the discussion about natural sugar versus added sugar, and you might wonder why that matters. Here, you’ll better understand what natural sugars are in comparison to added sugars, and why it’s important if you’re looking to lose weight. While some sources recommend … Read more

What Happens When You Stop Eating Sugar ?

what happens to your body when you stop eating sugar

Avoiding processed sugar is a challenge in daily life. For some adults, a sugar-free diet is necessary for health reasons. Sugar consumption can have long-term effects on your body. For starters, consuming sugar in large amounts can cause your body to want even more. Once you develop a sugar addiction, kicking the habit can be … Read more