Heka Good 1st Birthday!

A Letter From our Founder, Yemeni Mesa

Can you believe it!!? An entire year has flown by since we launched Heka Good Foods last August!  And what a year it has been!!

Being a first-year start-up is hard enough without all the added challenges that came our way this crazy year. Despite the unforeseen hurdles this gritty team has overcome, I am happy to share that not only have we persevered, but we are thriving!  Thanks, in large part to your amazing support.  We could not have done it without you!  Thank you!!!

Pin1st Bar Production

In a whirlwind 12 months, with just a team of four, we managed to formulate and launch eight amazing Heka Good bars and three delicious Heka Good cookies.  All were formulated with three guiding principles in mind:

  1. Clean ingredients – meaning we use real food ingredients like nuts, fruit, coco butter, unsweetened chocolate and avoid things like chicory root, maltitol, lactose, gluten, IMO and other common additives, which cause bloating, sugar spikes and inflammation.
  2. Ideal macros – all of our products have 1g-3g net carbs and are tested to ensure metabolic integrity. This means a third-party company (ketogenic.com) conducts blood tests on subjects who consume our products to determine the metabolic response i.e. blood sugar and ketone response.  All of our products promote metabolic health, meaning you can enjoy them without concern over blood sugar spikes or blood ketones dropping.
  3. Amazing taste – It’s one thing to make snacks with clean ingredients and great macros, it’s quite another to do that and also make them taste amazing. We did that with every Heka Good product.  From the original Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough bar, to the most recent Double Chocolate Chunk cookie, every flavor we’ve made was formulated to help you indulge while adhering to your low carb/keto lifestyle.

We want to celebrate our first birthday by launching another amazing Heka Good bar: Birthday Cake Batter!!  Let me tell you, this was by far, our hardest flavor to pull off.  It took three pilot runs to finally get it right and boy is it Heka Good!!!  As you have come to expect from us, this epic new flavor has clean ingredients, amazing macros and an amazing birthday cake batter flavor that will have your head spinning.

As a thank you, for being a part of this journey and helping us come this far, please enjoy a 20% off discount on your next birthday Cake Batter bar order (Deal Code BIRTHDAY).


Yemeni Mesa, Founder

Heka Good Foods