How the Best Keto Cookie Came to Be

How the Best Keto Cookie Came to Be-minPin

Fresh baked cookies are one of my favorite snack foods. I have so many great memories of baking cookies with my girls as they were growing up and enjoying them with a glass of milk while watching home movies.

As delicious as gooey chocolate chip cookies might be, they are unfortunately loaded with sugar & flour, the two foods I most try to avoid. Mainly because: 

1. Too much sugar spikes my blood sugar levels, which makes it more difficult to stay lean

2. Flour is loaded with gluten, which causes joint inflammation throughout my body.

With real cookies off my everyday menu, I was curious if there were any “keto cookies” available in the market. Unfortunately, most of the options contained chicory root, a fiber that ferments quickly in the gut, causing, bloating and gas. The few that didn’t have this fiber were small and crumbly. None came close to what I was looking for, a fresh soft-baked cookie.

So, with no real options available I decided we should launch our own low carb/keto cookie under the Heka Good brand. How difficult could it be? We had just launched multiple flavors of Heka keto bars. I figured it would be as easy to launch the cookies…I was wrong!

Last year, we created the first prototypes of the Heka Keto Cookie. They were amazing right from the get-go. After getting great feedback from trusted friends and community influencers, we scheduled a pilot run. 
The pilot run samples came out spectacular! The entire production facility was engulfed with the aroma of fresh baked cookies as each bath made its way out of the ovens. We used these samples to put the cookies through the keto certification process (by, as well as to test shelf stability, taste, texture, etc. We were thrilled with what we had: a fresh baked cookie with clean ingredients and legit keto macros!!

We decided to officially launch the Heka Keto Cookies in January of this year by throwing a launch party and following that up with our first appearance at a trade show, the Metabolic Health Summit. We were excited to share these cookies at our launch party with top influencers in the keto & low carb community, as well as local Heka super fans. For the Metabolic Health Summit, we planned to give away hundreds of goodie bags with samples of the new cookies. We then planned to release these amazing cookies for everyone to enjoy!

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go according to plan. In an attempt to improve production of the cookies, our co-packer tried a new process. The new process didn’t work, and the production run was a flop. With a launch party and trade show around the corner, we scrambled to schedule another production run and hoped that this time nothing would go wrong. Just a couple of weeks before the launch party we received the samples from the second production run. To our dismay, the cookies looked nothing like the original prototypes we were so excited about. They were under baked. What a disaster!

So here we were, days away from launching a cookie that we couldn’t make. With over 200 RSVPs, it was too late to postpone the party and we had already secured our booth at the Metabolic Health Summit. We had to go forward. For the party, we decided to unwrap several dozen cookies and bake them before serving them to our guests. That turned out to be a huge hit. The cookies were served fresh out of the over with a scoop of Enlightened keto ice cream and coffee. Everyone loved them! For the Metabolic Health Summit, baking cookies for samples was not really an option, so we instead focused on the Heka bars and let everyone know the cookies would be coming soon.

Once we got through the launch party and trade show, we needed to focus on finding a way to make these cookies. After two failed attempts with one co-packer, we decided we needed to partner with a new co-packer with more experience making cookies. After exploring multiple options, we found one we felt would be a great fit. We scheduled a pilot run and it was a success. With that, we scheduled our first production run with the new co-packer and announced finally the new Heka Cookies online. We had an amazing launch and quickly sold out of the first run. And then the world came to a stop. As the covid-19 pandemic began to take hold, many businesses were required to shut down, including our cookie co-packer. So, just after launching the cookies we were suddenly out of stock and had no way to replenish our inventory.

Nearly two months passed before we were able to resume production on the Heka Cookies.  That brings us to today! We now have what I consider to be the absolute best low carb/keto cookie in the market

  • It’s a full sized, 60g cookie (3x bigger than the leading brand). 
  • We use real food ingredients like coconut flour, chocolate chunks, butter, almonds and salt.
  • We left out ingredients like chicory root, grains/gluten, lactose and Maltitol.
  • The macros on these cookies are incredible! With only 2-3g net carbs, they are ideal for anyone on a low carb or ketogenic diet. 
  • And they come in three amazing flavors: Chocolate ChipPeanut Butter Chocolate & the NEW Double Chocolate.

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do.