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You've got questions? We've got answers.

Products FAQ

Are Heka Good Foods products Ketogenic Certified? 


Yes, all of our products are Ketogenic Certified.

What does Ketogenic Certified mean?


Ketogenic Certified means our products are vetted by, the industry leading experts in the keto space. Our products are put through vigorous tests to ensure keto macros, ingredients and metabolic response. Please see for more info.

What is Allulose?


Allulose is a “rare” sugar found in foods like figs and maple syrup. It tastes just like “regular” sugar, but has zero glycemic impact and almost zero calories (less than 0.4 cal/g).

What are net carbs?


Not all carbs are created equal. Fibers and some rare sugars such as Allulose, are not converted to glucose and therefore don’t affect your blood sugar or insulin levels.  Those are subtracted from the total carb count and what you are left with are “net carbs”.

Here is how you can calculate net carbs when it comes to HEKA: Total carbs - Allulose – Fiber – Erythritol = Net Carbs

What makes Heka Good Foods keto?


Our products have legit keto macros with approximately 70% of the calories coming from healthy fats and only 1g net carb. We are Ketogenic Certified to ensure our product is accurate and maintains metabolic integrity.

Will Heka products raise my blood sugar?


Our products are specially formulated to not cause a raise in blood sugar. We’re Ketogenic Certified and vetted by keto experts to ensure the metabolic integrity of our products.

What is erythritol?


Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that has zero calories and zero carbs. It does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels which is why it is a great fit for the keto diet.  It also causes little to no GI distress.

Are your products gluten free?


Our products are gluten free and contain no gluten containing ingredients. Our products are made in a facility that processes gluten with quality procedures to ensure no cross contamination.

Are your products grain free?


Our products are grain free and paleo friendly.

What type of protein do you use in your bars?


We use whey protein isolate which is the highest quality, most bioavailable protein on the market. Whey protein isolate is also lactose free.

Do your bars melt in the heat?


If our bars are exposed to heat, not to worry! Either leave them at room temperature or put them in the fridge, and they will go right back to normal. If that doesn't work, let us know and we'll be happy to replace them.

Do you offer free samples?


At this time, we only have boxes of 12 and are not offering free samples. However, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied, simply let us know and we will give you a refund.

Do you offer a variety pack?

Are you Kosher?


All of our ingredients are Kosher, however we are not yet Kosher Certified.

What are your natural flavors?


Our natural flavors are a mixture of ingredients coming only from nature, from things like spices, fruits, and plants. Like all of our ingredients, our natural flavors are non-GMO and don’t contain any artificial colors or preservatives.

HEKA Customer Service FAQ

Do you offer free shipping?


We do offer free standard ground shipping for all orders over $100. Please note that in order to hit the $100 minimum, your cart total must be $100 after any promotions/discounts.

How does shipping work?


Orders require 2-3 business days to be processed and shipped, unless otherwise noted in the product's description. Once we ship out your order, we will send you an email with your tracking information so you can watch your shipment make its way to you! Tracking oftentimes takes 1-2 days to update once we ship it out.

Please note that we are only able to change the address before the order ships.

What retail stores are you in?


You can find us at:

Keto Candy Girl, 5536 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim CA 92807

Essential Health CT, 74 Park Rd, West Hartford, CT 06119

Cole's Bakery & Cafe, 521 E. Holland, Spokane, WA 99218

Bama Health Foods, 1923 Bessemer Rd, Birmingham, AL 35208

Netrition, 25 Corporate Circle, Suite 118, Albany New York 12203

Mission Nutrition, 204 New York Ave, Huntington NY 11743

Grassroots, 1119 Fair Oaks Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030

My order has shipped, can I still cancel? 


Of course! Send us an email and we’ll be happy to send you a return shipping label and refund you in full once we receive it back. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered!

How do I cancel my order?


Email us with your order # and reason for cancellation and we’ll do our best to get your order canceled for you before it ships!

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