Join us on our current Heka Challenge:

Heka & Coffee

Heka bars are tasty on their own... but some things are better together. Like an ice cold nitro brew from Starbucks and a gooey Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough bar from Heka. That's what we call #HekaGood! :-)
We want to let everyone know just how easy it is to enjoy keto while on the go, by challenging the keto community to post a pic of their favorite Keto style coffee from Starbucks next to their favorite Heka bar.
To make this exciting, five people who participate, plus a friend they tag, will be randomly chosen to each receive $100 in gift cards from Starbucks & Heka! That's $1,000 in gift cards going to 10 people!

How to Participate:

Post a picture of your favorite Heka bar with your favorite Starbucks keto coffee and tag us @hekagoodfoods. Make sure to also hashtag #HekaGood. Contest ends 9/30!

Example Posts: