Welcome to the
Heka Tribe

The Heka Tribe consists of passionate, driven and knowledgeable individuals whose mission and values are aligned with ours. We collaborate to help make the low carb/keto lifestyle more sustainable and more Heka fun 😊

If you think you can help us on our mission to make healthy eating Heka fun, read on and apply below.


Heka Tribe Perks

- Be first to know! Early access to new products/VIP boxes
- Exclusive Discounts on all Heka goodies
- Limited Edition Heka SWAG
- Features on our Social, Website & E-mail
- Monthly Social Challenges with Prizes/Awards
- Custom affiliate Promo Code, to give your followers exclusive discounts
- Affiliate link/code, which allows you to earn commissions on Heka sales 💸

Who We're Looking For

- Sincere and passionate love for the Heka brand, our mission and our products
- Engaged community on social with a keto/low carb/fitness/healthy living focus
- Podcast, Blog/Vlog or published book that
focuses on Low Carb, Keto, Fitness or Nutrition





Who is my main point of contact?
For all inquiries about becoming an affiliate please contact our Affiliate/Influencer Coordinator at: taylor@hekagoodfoods.com with the subject line: Affiliate Marketing

How can I see promotions?
Once you are accepted into our affiliate program we will regularly send you newsletters to the email address provided. You can also login to see the promotions in our dashboard.
What if I have a customer that has a question about your product who can I refer them to?
Please pass on any customer support questions to: info@hekagoodfoods.com
How do I get my creative and affiliate links?
When you are logged in to our affiliate dashboard you will find banners, promotional text links and logos. If you are having trouble locating them, please feel free to contact our affiliate coordinator: taylor@hekagoodfoods.com. We love supporting our brand ambassadors and would love to work with you on any special pieces or campaigns you may have in mind.
How can I see how much I have earned and who I have referred to your site?
Once you are accepted as an affiliate you will be provided with a login to our program. In the dashboard you will have access to all your stats, earnings, creative campaigns, and more.

When can I expect to receive my commission on sales?
Commissions are paid out at the end of the following month. This allows us to account for refunds if you have any on your account. Is there a minimum I need to refer to receive funds? There is also a minimum threshold of $50 for payouts.
Do you require a W9?
Yes, we require any affiliate that brings in over $500 in commissions a year to have an updated W9 form on file with us. Please email this to taylor@hekagoodfoods.com with the subject heading: Affiliate W9 Form.